About the Ranch


Paul Plouviez and Shizuko Shimada

Bench Creek Ranch, home of Alpine Beef, is a family owned and operated commercial cattle ranch situated in the heart of historical Central Nevada ranching country. Using sustainable agricultural practices, as well as traditional western methods combined with up-to-date modern technology, Bench Creek Ranch raises safe, high quality, superior beef that meet and surpass the high standards of today’s discriminating market.

Paul Plouviez and Shizuko Shimada purchased Bench Creek Ranch to further their goal of raising the highest quality natural beef available on the market. Through intense research, a philosophy of low-stress approach to animal handling, a thorough understanding of their cattle, and the natural environment in which the cattle are raised, they are producing beef that meets their high standards. Located in the shadow of Mt. Augusta in the Clan Alpine Mountains, in fertile Dixie Valley, and in the La Plata of the Stillwater Mountains, Bench Creek Ranch is located in prime Nevada range land.

Situated 60 miles east of Fallon, Nevada off of Highway 50 and 13 miles north of the historic overland stage stop of Middle Gate Station, Bench Creek Ranch is easily accessible year round. The competent Bench Creek Ranch staff possess a thorough knowledge of the ranches cattle and resource management programs and is headed up by Haynes Holman, Ranch Manager.

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