Natural Resource Program


Stewardship of the natural resources contained in the approximately 840,000 acres (340,000 hectares) that make up the grazing range of Bench Creek Ranch is of prime importance. The native vegetation that make up the diet of the cattle include Indian Rice Grass, Bottlebrush Squirrel Tail, Thruber’s Needle Grass, Cheat Grass, Nevada Bluegrass, Great Basin Wild Rye, 4 Wing Salt Brush, White Sage (Winter Fat), Kosha, Bluebunch Wheat Grass, Sandberg Blue Grass (Poa), Thread and Needle Grass, shadscale as well as other native grasses, forbs and shrub.

The cattle graze at the rate of approximately one cow per 300 acres of range which minimizes stress on the vegetative resources and helps keep the incidence of disease at a very low to nonexistent level. The ranch employs a grazing rotation system that enables vegetation to remain healthy and provide for the next years grazing needs for both cattle and wildlife. The springs and other water sources are constantly assessed to make sure cattle and wildlife have access to the highest quality and quantity water possible.

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