The Gascon Heifer and Cow

about the Gascon heifer/cow

From its early history in the difficult conditions of the Pyrenean Mountains of France, the Gascon cows have adapted to harsh climate and limited resources. They are used to large climate changes and are able to not only withstand cold weather better, but also don’t need as much to eat as other types of cows.

The ease of calving is one of the desired characteristics of the Gascon cow. They have an easy trouble-free time giving birth due to the combined advantages of a much shorter labor than other cows, low calve birth weight, and a wide pelvis. This ease of calving contributes to the mother cow settling to the bull more quickly, in turn producing a longer productive life for the cow.

The calves also get stronger and gain more weight faster than other types of cows.

The carcass of the heavy-weight heifer weighs an average of 280 to 330kg. They are slaughtered between 18-24 months of age yielding a beef that is bright red, succulent and of impeccable quality.

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