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There are presently 300 breeders in the Gascon UPRA. The first genealogical herd-book dates back to 1865 and 45% of the current total population of the cows are foundation stock.

Natural service and artificial insemination are both selection options for males. Two-thirds of the young bulls that are evaluated at the Gascon National Centre have spent the summer season at an altitude higher than 1,500 meters to consolidate the hardy characteristics of the breed.

Herds located in several countries of the EU are able to be qualified according to defined objectives through the use of a computerized breed file.

The Gascon has become the largest breed in several regional districts in the regions of the Midi-Pyrenees and the Languedoc-Roussillion. The breed is progressively spreading throughout Europe and beyond with semen being exported every year in South America, with exports planned to African countries and the United States.

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