The reputation of the Gascon breed is reaching far beyond the Pyrenees. The Gascon is known for its unequal resistance to variation in diet, as well as being a hardy breed that produces exceptional award winning beef that has a distinctive flavor and unrivaled tenderness.

Raw beef

The Gascon carcass produces a short fibered and fine marbled meat which has a delicate flavor and unsurpassed tenderness. Its beef was awarded the “Quality Beef Trophy” at the Paris Agricultural Show and consumers increasingly continue to ask for the meat by name, accordingly spreading the Gascon’s reputation even further.

In the past, the Gascon type was perfect for use as a draught animal. It was also useful for providing milk for both rearing calves and sometimes the family. Today, the Gascon is know as the “multi-specialist” cow due to its extraordinary adaptability being able to adapt to every production system. 

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