Gascon Breed

The Gascon Bull

Genetic improvement through the male side is achieved through the strict control on young Gascon bulls.

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The Gascon Heifer

From its early history in the difficult conditions of the Pyrenean Mountains of France, the Gascon cows have adapted to harsh climate and limited resources.

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The Gascon Herd

The Gascon herd only requires an enclosure that is naturally protected from the prevailing winds.

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Gascon origin icon


The cattle that roamed the center of the Pyrenees as early as the 16th century were referred to as “Gascon”.

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The Gascon has an ideal coat that is resistant to external influences that allow it to flourish in varied

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The hardness of the Gascon fur enables the breed to tolerate cold weather better than other cows and their calves gain weight faster and gain strength faster than other breeds.

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he first Herd-Book dates back to 1865 and 45% of the current total population of the cows is foundation stock.

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The Gascon is able to walk for extreme distances in search of grass at the top of the summer pastures in the Pyrenees due to the outstanding quality of its hooves.

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The reputation of the Gascon breed is reaching far beyond the Pyrenees. The Gascon is known for its unequal resistance to variation in diet, as well as being a hardy breed that produces exceptional award winning beef that has a distinctive flavor and unrivaled tenderness.

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