Gascon Cattle Program

These cattle have the genetic ability to efficiently convert forages into high quality beef and produce calves with the same ability. The cattle graze on natural forages, have salt and have free access to natural spring water and high quality well water. We turn the Gascon bulls out with the cows on a multiple sire basis the first of May at the rate of 15 to 20 cows per bull.

In the spring, we brand and castrate the calves using the quiet, low stress, traditional methods of the Nevada Great Basin. The ranch staff takes special care to handle the calves carefully to avoid stress, bruising and injury so as to maintain high quality beef from each individual animal. The calves remain with their mothers until fall when they are weaned. After their weaning, we move Bench Creek Ranch calves to the ranch’s feed lot where the calves in large corrals, provided with salt, clean fresh water, and fed natural feeds. Feeding their own cattle provides Bench Creek Ranch the assurance that the cattle they raise provide the highest quality and safest beef possible.

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